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since 1.Nov.2007

Knights in Macedonia

knights The dynastic Order of Saint Agatha of Paternò  received four new members.

Was held the inauguration of the four new applicants from the Catholic and Orthodox churches, who  were received into the dynastic order of Saint Agatha of Paternò.

The ceremony applied the strict rules of the Order, which counts more than 1000 members now and that contains precious symbolism that survived through the centuries. With their cloaks and swords, the procession was made recognizable by the unchanged rites since centuries.

It was the first time that such a ceremony took place in Ohrid and in Macedonia. The new members are  fom Orthodox Charity  Don  Dejan Strackovski  and, Don Jovica Nakic  , Dona Milica  from-  JRS  of  Macedonia, a Croat  Pater Stjepan Kusan- Jesuit  and an Irishman.

Stephen Screech, the Chancellor of the Order, who is in charge for Macedonia and said the Order, has to give humanitarian aid to the most penniless. Stephen Screech used to work as a banker.  Hi is   happy that such a ceremony takes for the first time place in Macedonia. . We will support projects in Macedonia


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